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In a free initial consultation, we will clarify your needs and determine how I can best support you and/or your organization.

If what you are looking for is not included in the options shown, feel free to contact me, and we will find a solution together.

Systemic Coaching

Using the methods of systemic coaching, I will support you in finding your own solutions to your challenges. Whether it's about making significant decisions, resolving conflicts, working on your values, or addressing other personal issues, I am here to provide you with new perspectives that can help you develop suitable courses of action.


In my training sessions, I deliver scientifically grounded expertise on topics that interest you, combined with a strong emphasis on practical application. My goal is to provide you with hands-on and applicable knowledge that will help you to effectively implement what you've learned in as well as  in your professional and your personal life.


Facilitating workshops, trainings, meetings, or events allows you to fully concentrate on the content while I take care of the organisational flow. I keep track of the proceedings, ensuring active participation from all attendees, effective time management, and the achievement of the event‘s objectives. This way, you can focus on the essentials and make the most out of your event.

Assessment Center Coaching

In an individual Assessment Center training, I offer you professional support to explore and develop your skills and potentials in a structured environment. Whether you want to prepare for challenging professional assessment processes or strengthen your personal competencies, I am by your side to provide you with the tools and insights that can help you succeed in assessments and professional challenges.

Organisational Development 

Changes within organizations often require courage and can be effectively supported by expert knowledge. For the upcoming changes, I develop a customized concept to optimally support your organization. With my expertise and experience, I assist you in planning and implementing change processes, enabling a smooth transformation. Together, we work towards achieving desired goals and setting your organisation on a path to success.

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