About me

As a curious traveler, experienced business psychologist (Master of Science 🎓), and systemic coach (trained according to DBVC standards ✅), I passionately and eagerly explore topics related to personal development, travel, interculturality, trust, and appreciation❣️

Not only during my world travels but also in other aspects of my life, I have made many courageous decisions, always guided by my values 💞 With my extensive professional experience in working with top management and in talent development, as well as comprehensive methodological competence, and expatriate experience from working in London, I am here to support you and your organization in addressing your concerns. Your needs can be as diverse as the world itself - let's discover together how we can work on them.

I‘m  looking forward to hearing from you! 😊

🗣️ Language Skills:
🇩🇪 German
🇬🇧 English
🇪🇸 Spanish

🌎 Locations:
📍🇩🇪 Köln-Bonn-Düsseldorf
🚂 Clients visits on premises
🗺️ Online worldwide 💻 


Let‘s talk 💬

Schedule a free initial consultation now. During the meeting  we can get to know each other and discuss the content and nature of our collaboration. Additionally, I'm here to answer any questions you may have.

The conversation will approximately last 15-30 minutes and will take place online via Zoom.

Share your goals and concerns with me, so that together we can determine if a collaboration is a good fit for both of us 🫱🏻‍🫲🏾

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and exploring new possibilities together! 😊